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OpenMeetings in ubiDIAS


Since over 7 years, OpenMeetings is progressing constantly. At the first it was quite Flash Web Application, but now it has evolved to HTML5 except the meeting room.

ubiDIAS (ubiquitous-DIAS:Data Integration and Analysis System ref: here) that is the collaboration web site for DIAS project members have three major features, one is SNS which by OpenPNE, second is so called ‘Collaboration Editing System’ by using EtherPad, and Web Meetings System by OpenMeetings.

Those free softwares are worked with cooperation, especially OpenMeetings is expected the great power for remote collaboration workings.

Since last year, we’ve developed and implemented some features for ubiDIAS as bellow

  • synchronous registration member between OpenPNE and OpenMeetings
  • synchronous deletion member between OpenPNE and OpenMeetings
  • Auto-Login from OpenPNE to OpenMeetings

Of cause OpenMeetings is great system as Web Meeting system. Adding it, above features are helping more useful it.

We believe OpenMeetings go ahead more with great users.

Current working


This project is current going under some IAA . I am the responsible manager of developing the system in this project.
This system has three major features, 1st is the SNS feature for the members, 2nd is the editing collaboration system and 3rd is the web meeting system.
We use OpenPNE for SNS. The editing collaboration is implemented with EtherPad. And for the web meeting, of cause using OpenMeetings.
We are going to cut over them in April 2014.